Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The past two weekends in photo review

Two weekends ago, we went to Lake Wawasee to visit my family. We had Monday off (it was Victoria Day in Canada), so it was a great time to go visit. Even though we got a late start (boo to Gary having to work on Saturday), it was still a great trip. Delilah loved being on the lake!

On Monday, my dad took off work (much to my mom's dismay) and spent the day golfing with us. Here he is putting up a storm on the greens!My form actually looks pretty good. Surprisingly, I didn't golf too terribly, either!This past weekend (Memorial Day weekend), Eric, Gwen, Sydney, and Tim came for their first visit. They hung out on the deck,
took their first TTC ride (Tim LOVED it!) Found some fish in a fountain.....(they're sharks :) )And took the trademark picture with the CN Tower in the background. And that was all on their first day!
Day two was a trip to the Toronto Zoo....one of our favorite spots in the city!

This one's for Dino and Jeff!! Go alpacas! And finished off a perfect day with bomb pops.....what a fun weekend!


Just me said...

I <3 the zoo AND bomb pops! Fun!

Monica said...

uh, did you say you were in Syracuse...I feel totally ripped off! Call me next time!

CanadiErin said...

I was only there from Saturday at 11pm until Monday afternoon...hoping to be back for fourth of July weekend and maybe the week after, I'm definitely going to look you up then!